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Don't fuck with my <3er

2007-10-22 12:23:39 by heavymetalclock

If i see any of you so much has lay a finger or insult my lover, I will personally come to your hosue and make sure that you never do such a thing again. You mess with him, you mess with me! I fucking will not put up with little asswipes who think they are hot shit and put me or my lover down.
Its fucking uncalled for and you know it.


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2007-10-22 19:29:11

wait, it's a HE? oh shit. gay dudes. :(

heavymetalclock responds:

You have a problem with that saltshaker?


2007-10-22 19:58:11

oh yeah, and sorry.


2007-10-22 23:01:56

and that's another reason i love you ^^

heavymetalclock responds:

We look after ech other love. Its what we do.