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As you already know

2007-10-18 19:29:35 by heavymetalclock

Kieth and I are in love. But what we feel for each other goes so deep, we know that we are real mates for life. But before you say but you just met the guy online, wait. Kieht and I have so much in common, we both understand each other in ways no other person could. We actaully feel a bond between us. It dosn't matter if we live so far apart becasue love will prevail. Our bond is so great, I've never felt like this for a person before as when I thought I had met my soul mates, that I can feel his fingers touching my cheeck right now.
Its strange but wonderfull.....
The furture for us both for once is bright....


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2007-10-18 19:34:19

I love you soo much ^_^

heavymetalclock responds:

I love you so much back kieth. We are so pefect for each other! <3


2007-10-21 17:05:18


heavymetalclock responds:

Indeed it is. Indeed it so is.