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Entry #11

Me? Dead? hell no

2008-04-12 11:03:30 by heavymetalclock

Been busy lately. I am happy to announce that I will be going to west Virginia Wesleyan for college and that I look forward to graduating this year from high school.
Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to work on Ball Park, but don't give up yet because I still want to finish it.
Also, Iv noticed lately that people have begun preaching Armageddon around my town.
Whats up with dat?


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2008-05-19 11:58:26

you still log on to this site?


2008-05-19 12:10:14

didnt finish my comment, i thought youd never get on this site again, tried to send a pm, but this site won't let me. if things changed.. the most i can say is sorry


2008-05-19 21:14:59

oh.. and PM me if you can, i have something i need to talk to you about


2008-08-24 14:58:48

just let me talk to you one last time, moving on is hard when you don't know what happened


2008-08-30 23:09:52

im finally ready to move on, thanks for all you've done, for 8 months you kept me sane, and you made me recognize a very powerful feeling, that day when you told me to find somebody else... i did it, this guy is exactly the same as me...well just about. thanks for allowing me to know love


2008-10-05 12:10:50

One day you will come back i know you will/